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About us

Rapiton Technology co. has started its own activity in the design and manufacture of communications infrastructure in twenty first century, and today it has become a familiar name for professional manufacturers and costumers of network equipment, especially in Structured Cabling system field. 

Our company tries to make and provide products with highest quality while searching and supplying new products on variable demands of market. We are not only satisfied by attracting our costumers’ acquiescence, but also seeking to improving the quality of our products day by day. This subject in addition of profits for our company also has many benefits for our customers and audiences. Our brand has always tried to keep the three principles of product quality, competitive pricing and after-sales services the focus of its activity and by employing skilled teams and making steps based on “Rapid Tone of Technology” slogan ensures the satisfaction of our customers.


Rapiton Companie's Professional Team

   The Marketing department of Rapiton company’s experience and boundless enthusiasm for all branding and marketing can assure that your computer network is getting noticed and talked by its quality and performance while you are actually working with it. We manage everything from planning your computer network to implementing.

What our Marketing department Does:

Advertising:  Rapiton specializes in Passive network devices and is very wishful to introduce all these high-quality products to every single enterprise network owner in every corner of the world.

Digital Strategy:  We are in want of to be partners with the best in business and understanding technology.

Public relations:  Evidences has shown that consumers often base their purchase decisions on a company’s reputation, so public relations can have a definite impact on a company’s sales and revenue. Public relations create, maintain, and protect an organization’s reputation even as it enhances its prestige, and presents a favorable image through such functions as employee relations, stockholder and investor relations, media relations, community relations, and relations with the public with whom the organization interacts, affects, or is affected by.

   Sales department of Rapiton company introduces a tremendous team of high qualified and professional business educated experts in order to prevent any low-quality services and answer to all of needs in sales topic of customers around the world:

“Whenever you need”

“Where ever you need”

   The sales experts of Rapiton Company are certified well educated and high experienced team who they are using modern and honest information about all the products which are supported by Rapiton Company and related goods.

The Technical department of Rapiton provides assistance to users of Networking technology products. Our Technical department with about 100 professional, certified, and well-educated IT: hardware, network, electrical engineers around the world assures you that your company’s Network will be very long lasting and implementing with high quality products such as Twisted pair network cables, Racks, and optical fiber technology.

Our experts are also qualified with the newest technology and Computer network education.