Rapiton Pass Through Crimping Tool RP-C1

Specifications & Application:

Rapiton’s RP-C1 Rj45 Pass Through Crimper – for 8P8C RJ45 Class F; Class EA; Class E; Class D pass through connectors (including the shield the connectors) and suitable for 26AWG-23AWG Cables. With Replaceable Blades – The crimping blades for other crimper is installed on the surface of crimping port with a small screw. it is every easy to run off and be loose during the process of crimping the connectors and replacing the blades. However, our crimping blade is inserted in a black socket then installing it into the crimping port by a nail and a screw. Making sure the blade will not run off and loose and increases the success rate of crimping the connectors significantly High. This Device is an “All in one” device: Cutting, Stripping and Crimping are included in one tool that can deal with all the installation work. Designed for Pass through 8 Position RJ45 connector plugs.

Rapiton Crimping Tool

Rapiton Pass Through Crimping Tool RP-C1