Rapiton Surface mount Plate 1port 86mmx86mm


  • Rapiton’s multipurpose crimping tool is handy for the installation, service, and repair of a local area network in your home or office. It enables you to strip the wires and cut off the excess by it’s pass-through end cutting blade.


1.      The plate meets internationally accepted 86 type standards.

2.      Plate surface design invisible screws, elegant, sleek design.

3.      Embedded frame, installation is very convenient.

4.      With a sliding door to protect the module against dust, dust mask to prevent the construction and when cleaning dust from entering.

5.      Using high-quality engineering plastics, Anti-collision/Flame retardant/Impact resistance.

6.      With a single-port for usage.


Rapiton FacePlate

Rapiton Face Plate 86×86 RP-FP1-1