Rapiton 3 in1 Crimping Tool withRatchet & Tester RP-C3RT


The RP-C3RT from Rapiton will make terminating RJ-11-45 cables a snap. It is the ALL-IN-ONE tool that can strip, cut, and crimp 8P8C, 6P6C, 6P4C, 4P4C & 4P2C connectors. Built-in Cable Tester – Powered by LR44 battery (which is included). LED light displays wire connecting condition, testing for both UTP and STP cables (RJ45, RJ12, RJ11), LED #1~#8 shows 8 pin wire configurations. Both batteries and cable tester dock can be detachable. This model features a lightweight Carbon steel frame this is both compact and durable with a Force-saving Ratchet which makes the tool compact during placing in supply belt or bag. The mouth of the press-pliers is made of magnetic steel, which is hard and durable. Portable style with perfect shape.


• Premium Ratchet Crimp Tool • RJ-11-45 Compatible • Positions for 8P/8C, 6P/6C and 4C Connectors • Lightweight, compact, and durable • Testing for both UTP/STP cable • Dual test modes; can be run once or repeatedly

Rapiton Crimping Tool

Rapiton RP-C3RT Crimping tools terster Ratchet