Punch Down Tools

Rapiton Punch Down Tool RP-PDT1


The Rapiton punch down tool is used for all data-information and telecommunications cabling systems, known also as 110 punch tool or Krone tool. To use the punch down tool, a wire is pre-positioned into a slotted post on a punch down block, and then the punch down tool is pressed down on top of the wire, over the post. This requires a bit of pressure until, with an audible “klunk”, the wire is stripped and contact made as it is “punched down” into the slotted post.


1. Industry standard, internationally accepted Putting wires into sockets, patch panels or outlets Can be used on shielded or unshielded twisted pair cables to 110 / keystone jacks 3. Hook and Spudger tools are built into the handle Use the hook to remove wires from any style block or to help trace wires. Use the spudger to remove the cross-connect module from the mounting bracket. 4. Easy to use hook and spudger.

RP-PDT1 Punch Down Tool

All the ports in the patch panel are labelled for easy identification of which node they are connected to.


Rapiton Punch Down Tool

Rapiton RP-PDT1 Punch Down Tools