Rapiton RP-SB1-6U1 Surface Box Cat 6 UTP 1-Port


  • Rapiton’s multipurpose crimping tool is handy for the installation, service, and repair of a local area network in your home or office. It enables you to strip the wires and cut off the excess by it’s pass-through end cutting blade.

Electrical performance

Fast & Precise Crimping – This tool cuts wires cleanly and crimps them altogether in no time. No more uneven connectors that don’t plug in properly into your router or landline phone.

   with our RJ11/RJ12/RJ45 pass-through crimper, you need just a little force to crimp the wiring for a LAN or a telephone line. It is ideal for the toolkit of an IT technician or a field engineer.

RP-SB1-6U1 Surface Box Cat 6 UTP 1-Port

All the ports in the patch panel are labelled for easy identification of which node they are connected to.


Rapiton Surface Box

RP-SB1-6U1 Surface Box Cat 6 UTP 1-Port